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My Shaklee Story

Luke and Amanda Acha


Better Health Naturally

Our story with Shaklee is fairly simple. My wife worked in a medical office and whereas she had grown immune to many of the” bugs” going around, I was not and was forever getting sick. The doctor at her office recommended trying Shaklee’s NutriFeron, but I was skeptical and not immediately sold. After doing plenty of research, I decided to try it. The results were so good, that I continued to take it daily and both my wife and I began trying other products. Each one did exactly what they said it would and we feel great! We believe in Shaklee products and that they help create the perfect foundation for healthier living. And with the 100% money back guarantee, there is nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Shaklee has also given us the opportunity to live the lifestyle we have always dreamt about. With unlimited earning potential, luxury cars and all-expense paid trips to amazing international locations simply by sharing Shaklee with others and making the world a “healthier” place. Ask us how you too, can obtain the lifestyle you have always dreamt of.

-Luke & Amanda Acha